My Story

Hello everyone. My name is Tiffany and I founded The Exquisite Look with a simple idea in mind of using products that are safe and effective for us all to use. Everything now days contains some kind of toxin or has a side effect to it. With these products and our health in mind and of course still being able to look young and feel beautiful still my products that I have to offer you are all natural. From serums that contain essential oils and our vegan friendly soaps to the chap sticks made with beeswax and cant forget about the sea salt! its highly rich in 26 minerals and trace elements all of which are vital to our physical well being. With that vision in mind I hope you too can also enjoy my products as much as I do. Feel free if you have any questions click on the contact us page and send me an email. Ill be more than happy to answer any questions! 

Tiffany S.